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through a bay area landfill.. the grim search for answers in a a second straight day of rummaging through a bay area landfill. the grim search for answers in a bizarre killing spree. looking for the cause of a deadly bay area plane crash. what investigators revealed today about their initial findings. high and low in sacramento and why they're protesting at a place of prayer. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. police wrapped up their search for a missing hercules man. chopper 5 took these pictures late this afternoon as authorities focused their search for frederick solace on this one specific location. today was the second straight day they combed the pittsburg landfill for clues. it follows the bizarre killing spree as authorities try to connect the dots. anne makovec is in pittsburg
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where police and volunteers are searching for solace. >> reporter: they have been searching here at the dump all day. and so far, they have gotten no clues. they were actually planning on wrapping up at 5:00 p.m. but volunteers have elected to continue searching until 7:00 p.m. for any sign of the man who has been missing since his father was found dead last week. >> we will do what we need to do until we have all of the answers. >> reporter: the dirty job at the keller canyon landfill continued today. two dozen volunteers combing through tons of trash, looking for any sign of the body of 35- year-old frederick solace. missing and feared to have been killed by efron validemaro who was shot and killed by officers on tuesday and police say he killed solace's factor ricardo last week and found bludgeoned to death in this home owned by the girlfriend. and in late august, valdemaro
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told police the two had beaten him up during an argument. the elder solace was found dead before police could investigate, and frederick has been missing since. >> unfortunately, everybody who is connected with this case intimately, they're now deceased. >> reporter: the theory police have been working under in this dump search is that valdemora may have left solace's body in a dumpster at this business park in hercules where a cadillac he was known to drive was parked. investigators there employees reported an awful smell near the dumpster and police did not get a chance to check it out before the trash was taken to this landfill where square yard by square yard of compacted trash is loosened by the excavator and gone through by hand as a cadaver dog searches for clues. >> it is hot and smelly and very tedious but they're all troopers and they're going to stick it out. >> reporter: and unless they find what they're looking for within the next hour and a half, the searchers are
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planning to be back here at this landfill back in pittsburg at 8:00 tomorrow morning. >> so this is really the only place that they're looking. do they have another place that they, you know, think they will move to somewhere else or is this the last best final hope? >> reporter: as far as they know, the leads they have gotten, this is their best hope. so they're concentrating all of their efforts here right now. dy ask if there is anywhere else they were clueing in right now and the answer was no. >> anne makovec in contra costa county, thank you. there was a vigil for cindy tran yesterday. police say valdemora kidnapped and killed tran tuesday night after she left the salon where she worked. the memorial also paid tribute to carter solace who worked at the same vallejo shopping center as tran. the only known survivor in the tangled web is charles rittenhouse. he is charged with possessing explosives including uranium. in court yesterday, his court says rittenhouse has nothing to do with the murders of two
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women found at his house. ritenhouse and his wife and her friend, living together on and off for years. the national transportation safety board released its national findings on the plane crash in the san francisco bay that killed three people. the plane crashed into a lagoon in redwood city shortly after takeoff thursday. the body of a woman was recovered shortly after the crash. the twin engine beech craft was lifted from the lagoon yesterday with the bodies of two men inside. investigators say the early investigation failed to pinpoint any obvious cause for the crash. >> a preliminary examination shows that all of the flight surfaces are accounted for in the correct position. >> the plane had dual controls. it is unclear who was actually piloting the plane. the ntsb expects to release the preliminary report in five to 10 days. a final report will take six to nine months. preventing tragedy on the
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roads. that is what chp is trying to do this holiday weekend. at near woods national monument, officers are inspecting tour buss to make sure they are safe and that their drivers are properly licensed. officers say if there are problems they will take action, like issuing citations or impound the vehicle. about 25 to 30 tour buses are being inspected today. this effort is part of a state tour bus strike force funded by a federal grant. thousands of christians held a prayer rally in downtown sacramento today. many are followers of conservative evangelical minister lou engel and they say they're praying for the immortality plaguing the country and we have more from the rally with linda. >> reporter: apparently, the heat did not keep people away today. you can see there are still thousands of people here gathered on west steps of the state capitol. those behind the effort, the call to prayer of movement, say they chose this location to celebrate the 10th anniversary, because its founder has said
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publicly that it provides the perfect backdrop to help illustrate the political and economic systems that is, quote, shaking america to its core. >> father we ask to take us back in jesus' name. heel nus these cross roads. >> the worship event was an anniversary celebration last night and continued today at the capitol mall with 12 hours of prayer, fasting, worship, and repentance. and organizers say the purpose is to call on god to forgive america for things like abortion, gay marriage, and the departure from regular prayer. and thousands came out from all over the country today to take part, some question the timing of it all. >> i think a part of the timing of this rally is politically motivated with elections coming up. so it is trying to promote what i see is a particularly narrow view of christian values in order to move voters to vote in a particular way. >> i don't think so. i mean i think everyone -- a lot of people who are familiar
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with this issue, they know it is a political statement, but they don't believe it is to be the voting views and this is what is believed to have happened in the government and the main thing is jesus being lifted high in this land and that's why we're here. >> reporter: and the event goes on here until 9:00 tomorrow. the lgbt community here in sacramento will hold an event of its own called the rainbow festival in midtown. back to you, ann. >> i had heard some reports that people who did not support this particular group that is holding the rally, they're asking people to stay away and not draw attention to it and have you seen signs or are there counter-protesters as well? >> reporter: we've seen small groups of counter-protesters and we talked to them and they say they do not agree with this movement. >> linda, thank you very much, in sacramento. the erotic services section, gone. craigslist pulled the plug on the sex ads. what you will see in their place. the aftermath of a storm
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called earl. i'm randall pinkston in chatham, massachusetts. i will have that story. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. we started out with fog and low clouds. a lot of sunshine by the afternoon but we could have the heat up by labor day. we will talk about that coming up. ,, 3q copd makes it hard for me to breathe. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now, i can join the fun and games with my grandchildren. great news! for people with copd, including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both, advair helps significantly improve lung function. while nothing can reverse copd, advair is different from most other copd medications because it contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator,
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damage caused by yesterday's tonight, we're getting a better look at the damage caused by yesterday's earthquake in new zealand. toppled buildings, flooded streets, crushed cars, even fires all after a magnitude 7.0 quake struck the country's second largest city, christ church. two people were injured. and considering this quake was as strong as the one that hit haiti, many say it is a miracle that no one died. it has come and gone and didn't make much of an impact. but even though hurricane earl lost a lot of its punch, it is still kicking up dangerous currents along the east coast. randall pinkston has more on the bibusinesses back open for the holiday weekend. >> reporter: hello, chatham
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light house behind me and in front of me, the ocean, where earl moved through and causing inconvenience, high winds, minor flooding but not much damage at all. you have to say that new england dodged a bullet. earl's long erratic march came to an end in nova scotia. making land fall saturday morning. once a powerful category four hurricane, earl arrived in new england friday night as only a tropical storm. with high winds and rain, but leaving little damage behind. >> i was very thankful. >> reporter: ken hodgeson is one of hundreds of boaters, happy to see clear blue skies, and perfect for a return to the water. >> what are your vacation plans now for labor day? >> to have some fun now. >> reporter: but some had hoped earl would deliver its own kind of fun. >> well, we were a little bit disappointed. we thought that there were going to be some crazy waves and some action, but we just slept right through the night. >> reporter: earl's collapse is certainly not a disappointment for tourists or merchants. business owners are hoping to
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recover what they lost when some vacationers canceled their plans, as earl approached. at the start of a holiday weekend, earl forced corey meters to board up his candy shop. now that the storm has passed, he is back open for business. >> i'm glad it is gone. and i am thrilled that the weather is as good as it is. and hopefully people are still around. >> reporter: earl's punch was so gentle that massachusetts officials did not send out a damage assessment team. because there was no major damage to assess. a new definition of a perfect storm. so if you want to swim on these beaches, we've been told that there are still some after- effect, rip currents are a problem, and beaches are being reopened, but maybe not totally reopened until tomorrow. so sunday, swimmers take your time out there. >> a holiday weekend. and this didn't turn out to be as big as some had forecast, is there any thought that maybe
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people are not going to heed the warnings the next time? >> reporter: i have heard that from some people here on the board walk today in chatham. but i have also heard people say that they would rather have taken the precaution, because you never know what a storm is going to do. better safe than sorry. >> absolutely. randall pinkston, thank you very much. all right. so will is no adult services section on craigslist anymore. the web site pulled that section today. it replaced it with a black bar that says censored. it comes about a week after several state attorneys general said that there were not enough actions against blocking illegal ads and specifically those with criminal prosecution. so far, only u.s. ads are affected and no word if the shutdown is for good but we will have reaction from a local congress woman and an attorney general coming up on eyewitness news at 6:30. fine art, food, and lots of music. >> you know i love you honey ♪
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>> the bay area attracting thousands this holiday weekend. the unofficial end of summer but we have a little heat coming in our direction. we will talk about that next. the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models
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festival got underway today. it feature top name bands from the ♪ the 58th annual sausalito art festival got under way today. it features top name bands from the 60s to the 80s and also on display 20,000 works of art from local and international artists and of course wine and
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food, too. about 32,000 people are expected to attend the arts fest. it runs through monday. lawrence is here to tell us whether or not it is going to be good wetter. >> can you believe summer is winding down? >> no, because it just doesn't seem to have started. >> it really hasn't felt much like summer here in the bay area this year. but it looks like a little heat is coming in our direction ever so briefly but different times of the holiday weekend. outside today, not a bad day. we had some low clouds and fog and cooler temperatures showing up especially out toward the coastline but lots of sunshine in the valley. hazy as you look over the bay and now back toward the coastline and you can see some low clouds and the fog and the tower right there in the middle, they have that fog, and we may see that start to disappear as early as tomorrow afternoon around the bay area but sneaking back in right now, and you will see some of that throughout the evening hours. at least along the coastline and just inside the bay. so if you are stepping out the door this evening, mostly clear skies in the interior valleys and temperatures in the 70s and even mid 80s, and inside the bay, a little bit on the breezy side and that is carrying with it some of the low clouds and fog making its way through the
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golden gate bridge. and out toward the beach, kind of cool out there. temperatures in the 50s and the low 60s. now, tomorrow, well, the sunshine is coming out, a little bit warmer outside. and the temperatures in the 80s and maybe low 90s well inland. inside the bay, mid-70s and some mid 80s. off toward the coastline, some patchy fog. but hopefully sneaking in a little sunshine by the afternoon. another trough of low pressure along the coastline to help deepen the marine layer somewhat and brought the low clouds and fog to the interior valleys. slow to break up. a story for the better part of the summer. 87 degrees in livermore. 86 in concord. a cool 57 in pacifica. if you plan on traveling around the state this holiday weekend, we have some 90s in the central valley for tomorrow. high country looking good. 74, beautiful weather in lake tahoe. and about 91 degrees in yosemite. well, the trough of low pressure is diving along the california coast. not a big surprise. we've seen this for the better part of the last four months or so, and then behind it, we have a ridge out here and that will start to build in. starting by tomorrow afternoon, so slightly warmer tomorrow
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afternoon, and then i think we watch those temperatures spike, as we head in toward labor day and tomorrow morning you wit note some change -- you will nolt some changes, and patchy fog but not as thick as today. for the afternoon, we begin to break it up and clear out the skies a little bit and bring in more sunshine with. that in mind, temperatures will warm up a couple of degrees, especially inside the bay, and some 70s and some 80s in through the santa clara valley and out to the coastline, mid- 60s here and east bay temperature, 90s by tomorrow afternoon in places like antioch and brentwood and 89 degrees in livermore. inside the bay, a sea breeze in the afternoon but beautiful in oakland at about 75 degrees. and how about the north bay? the temperatures are running up in the 70s and 80s in most spots, except toward the water's edge and next couple of days, we've got the heat going up as we head toward monday. hot in spots inland. then we watch the bottom drop out toward tuesday and wednesday as we see a big-time cooldown and those temperatures are probably running below normal as we look toward the end of the week. so how about the labor day forecast? yes, plenty of sunshine. it looks like it is going to work out just right.
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a great day to barbecue and enjoy the sunshine. we're talking about the warm temperatures all the way to the coastline. and we're just lucky enough, we may clear things out all the way to the beaches. maybe 70s out at the water's edge. we will see what happens. >> that will be great. >> lawrence, thank you. another good way to see that summer is coming to an end. college football. >> i love saturdays. >> i love, it too. but a big hill to try to climb. it didn't take andrew west long to consider why he is one of the best in the country. the bears roll in their opener against uc davis. sports is next. ,,,,
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ed u-c davis in fo cal bears fans have a little bit of fun today. >> pretty good way to start dropping 50 on your last opponent. the last time cal played uc davis in football, world war ii was just getting started. after today, you can see why the aggies have avoided coming to berkeley. bears playing in their final season in old memorial stadium. after an early turnover by kevin riley, cal got it together. rile arey finds a wide open shane bereen, the first of three touchdowns for him. and second quarter, riley fires a strike to last year's leading receiver marvin jones. 14-0 bears. riley completed his first nine passes and cal fans are going to love freshman wide receiver keenen allen. he is supposed to throw it but no one is open so he takes off. 18 yards later, he has his first career touchdown. cal wraps up over 500 yards of
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offense. and blows out uc davis 52-3. stanford and sacramento state courtesy of comcast sports net, andrew rock sure looked like a heisman candidate in the first half. the sophomore qb went out and hit doug baldwin in straight, the senior receiver takes it the rest of the way for an 81- yard touchdown. he throws for over 300 yards and a career high four touchdowns in the first half. stanford leads sac state 38-14 in the third. stanford cruised in their opener, san jose state is taking on defending national champ alabama and the spartans trail 31-3 at the half. full highlights at 11:00. brian kelly leading the fighting irish on the field for the first time. kelly's offtempo offense puts the first points on the board and armando allen shakes free and dives in for the score. the defense holds the boilermakers to just one
5:55 pm
touchdown. notre dame wins their opener, 23-12. the raiders made their final cuts today. the notable names not on the 53- man roster, full back luke lawton and defensive end jay richardson. the seahawks have cut wide receiver tj houston man day da. and one year after a five-year $40 million deal. good news for the raiders with chad shillings injured, tom cable says the team would consider signing the eight-year veteran. the matt lienart era is over in arizona. relez leasing him from the cardinals. and the former usc star was a first round pick in 2006. and with kurt warner retiring, he is expected to step in and be the guy. but obviously, that didn't happen. every major leaguer picks their own song that is played when they come to bat. for most guys, it is something macho or intimidating. and rocky shortstop troy
5:56 pm
tulwitski is not like most guys ♪ hey you're playing my song. >> and a lot of my fan base is kids and they all like that song and it makes for a good conversation why i chose that song. ♪ moves my hips like this. >> they make fun of you? >> all the time. but it is all fun and it doesn't bother me one bit. >> bud black is wondering when the padres losing streak will end. carlos gonzalez smacks one off to the top of the wall. two runs score. the former a has now driven in 95 runs this year. the rockies beat the padres 6- 2. san diego has now lost nine straight. trevor cahill pitches six shutout innings and the 15th win of the season at the coliseum this afternoon. the a's beat the angels 3-1. and things went much better today for tiger and the deutsche bank championship and follows up the opening round 72 with a six under 65 and seven shots back still but by making the cut, she qualify for next
5:57 pm
week's tournament in chicago. brant snedkerr had the low round of the day. a seven under 64. he is tied for the lead with jason day. maria sharapova barely broke a sweat on her third round match at the u.s. open. sharapova knocked out the 18- year-old beatrice capper in straight set, 6-0, 6-0, to advance to the fourth round. over on the men's side, roger federer moves one win closer to his sixth u.s. open title. he won in straight sets to advance to the round of 16. now i know i would probably pick something by elvis for my batting song. you would probably pick autumn wind, right, lawrence? >> absolutely. >> it would probably be a kid song for me right now. how pathetic is that? >> we got to get better songs. >> that's right. >> and all right, thanks. that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. we will see you back here in a half hour and then at 10:00 and 11:00 with updates on
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